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I have heard many Trump supporters or just white men in general complain about being called racist, Sexist, bigoted, or the suggestion of being sympathetic to any of those things. I can understand the frustration in that and I also know gender and race issues are some of the main things that cause the divide […]

Stop biting the heads off of live chickens!

You ever been to a Carnival? It’s a crazy thing to see. Bearded ladies and two headed dogs. It’s a real spectacle. And within the carnival there is a person wilder than the rest, a person so disgusting and terrible that they stand out amongst all the other horrors there. This performer is called a […]

Are any kids gayer now than they were three weeks ago?

In case you didn’t hear about it recently a cartoon on Nickelodeon called The Loud House introduced an interracial gay couple as parents to one of the characters. As expected there were individuals and groups that spoke out against it. Mostly claiming that kids are “too young” to be shown gay couples and that gay […]

I am a 35-year-old man and I play Pokémon Go

The new Pokémon app exploded on the scene and it seems to be really popular. However, there are a few folks out there that don’t mind letting us all know that they think the whole thing is “stupid” or “juvenile.” Now if you don’t like the game or just don’t feel like putting any time […]

Love For Leslie J

I heard about the thing with Leslie Jones and the twitter haters and I was about to type out a long rant about race and gender issues, about trolling, bullying, and fame. But then I realized what I really want to say is. I am sure Leslie has been criticized, ridiculed, and made fun of […]

Equality for All

Before I start, I just want to make clear that I am an outlier, an oddball, misfit, unpopular, strange, peculiar person. I am not gay however; I do know what it is like not to be welcome. That being said, it really bums me out to see black people, especially black Christians speak out so […]

Why White People Shouldn’t Say “The N Word”

  I am going to start by stressing the “Shouldn’t” part because no one is saying that you can’t. It is not illegal, you won’t be jailed, The PC police are not a real thing. So yeah, you can say it all day if you want. However, this is why you shouldn’t. Racists use the […]

Black Like Me?

I like many have made a few jokes about Rachel Dolezal. However, at the end of the day, I am not at all mad at her. I just feel a little odd about it all. I mean if she wants to work with the NAACP, teach about Africa, wear her hair a certain way, and […]

A Little Respect

There seems to be this talking point floating around the conservative edges of the internet that those kids in Texas somehow deserved what happened. Because the cop involved resigned, the police chief and the mayor both pretty much agreed that he was out of line. The officer even apologized after he resigned so the right […]

Remember the Tamagotchi?

Remember “digital pets?” Odds are either you owned one or had a kid that owned one in the 90’s. These things were everywhere. They later branched out into cartoons, video games, and stuff but today I want to just talk about the egg shaped toy that beeped all the time. The Tamagotchi was a handheld […]

Anita Sarkeesian

If you play video games, know about video games, or just spend far too much time on the internet then I am sure you have heard the name Anita Sarkeesian. I am not going to get into the whole story of why she has become so famous. I will leave a link here that should […]