je suis charlie

Art is one of the bravest things you can do.

Expressing yourself or an opinion through writing, singing, dancing, or even a cartoon and opening yourself up for criticism and debate is brave. Putting yourself out there is scary, but Artists do it all the time.

Using guns, explosives, and force does not make you brave or strong, it makes you a coward.
Expressing your beliefs or point of view with violence is a cowardly act because it shows that you fear debate, you fear criticism, and you fear that your views may even be wrong. Therefore, you try to silence any opposition with the threat of force or actual force, because you are afraid and unable to withstand the type of criticism and backlash artists deal with every day.
That is why artists have to be strong and have a thick skin. That is why artists have to be brave and continue to create and express and share with the world.

There will always be cowardly people out there that will feel inferior when met with true artistic bravery and they will try to reclaim some warped sense of respect by trying to terrorize and destroy anyone who dares question the way the world works.

Is freedom of speech and expression worth dying for?

Yes. Moreover, if you don’t agree with me, then debate me, challenge me, match my creativity with your own. Build up your ideas instead of trying to tear down mine.

Killing an artist does not kill the art or win the debate.

Killing an artist only proves that you have no other way to challenge their art.