The Top 5 People I Would Pick To Host The Daily Show

Jon Stewart , Barack Obama

Last week John Stewart announced that he would be leaving the Daily Show.

As soon as he said he would be leaving everyone started speculating about who would fill his seat. After all the show must go on and honestly Jon wasn’t the first to host the show and he won’t be the last.

The Daily Show is a huge deal and whoever sits in the chair next will have a huge space to fill.

There have been folks saying that they should let one of the current correspondents take over like when John Oliver did while Stewart was away for months directing a film.

Oliver did such a great job that he now has his own award winning show on HBO that is similar in a few ways to the Daily Show.

Because he seems to be doing well on his own I doubt John Oliver will come back to take over. I may be wrong but I also doubt that they promote any of the current members of the show.

I don’t think they are gonna just leave everything as is and just slide a familiar face into Jon’s seat as if nothing has changed. I would imagine that the Daily Show would use Jon leaving as an opportunity to start fresh with a new person and a new set, maybe a new format. However, I could be wrong.

Jon Stewart was just under 40 when he took over the show so I would imagine that they would go in that direction again. I see them hiring a person that would sit in the chair for 15+ years.

I also would imagine that they would go with someone who like Jon has a background in stand up and at least a passing interest in news and politics.

My list of possible replacements may seem different than the other list you will see online, but I actually believe picking one of these five, or someone like them may be the more logical move.

I have no idea if any of these five are available or would even want the job, but It is my shortlist if I had to make the choice.

John Mulaney


Aziz Ansari


Demetri Martin


Chelsea Peretti


Jim Jefferies


These are my picks.

Do you have any picks of your own?