Anita Sarkeesian


If you play video games, know about video games, or just spend far too much time on the internet then I am sure you have heard the name Anita Sarkeesian.

I am not going to get into the whole story of why she has become so famous. I will leave a link here that should explain all of that.

The reason I chose her for my first WCW is that I agree with a lot of what she is doing.

This is not to say that I agree with everything she says or does however, I fully support her right to do so.

I have noticed over the years that many would rather she not say or do anything. As if she shouldn’t be allowed to express her opinion online like everyone else.

Many of her opinions come from a feminist point of view, a fact that she does not hide. Her website’s called “Feminist Frequency” so I think you should have something of an idea of what you are getting from the start.

I have heard people argue and debate over the smallest details of gaming and pop culture however whenever someone brings up the fact that maybe some of this stuff is sexist some guys freak out.

When honestly yeah, some of the stuff out there is sexist. It just is. Why are people so upset with Anita for pointing out the obvious?

I have my theories as to why some dislike her so much but I could not really say for sure. What I can say for sure is the level of harassment and vitriol she receives is mind-boggling and only serves to reinforce the points that her critics claim she doesn’t have.

If you do not like what she’s selling then don’t buy into it.

However, I fear it is never that simple when it comes to the weird world of the internet.

So yes, I admire Anita Sarkeesian not just, for what she does but her willingness to continue to do so under such awkward conditions.

Below is a link to one of her videos.