A Little Respect


There seems to be this talking point floating around the conservative edges of the internet that those kids in Texas somehow deserved what happened.

Because the cop involved resigned, the police chief and the mayor both pretty much agreed that he was out of line. The officer even apologized after he resigned so the right wing can’t really support him anymore. All that is left is for them to hate on the kids, and that is what they are doing.

Were those kids wrong for being at that pool?


Were they being disrespectful?


Did they deserve to be tackled and have a gun pointed at them?

Of course not.

If you think these kids were acting rude, then yeah that’s what kids do. However maybe we can teach them how to behave without waving a gun in their faces. Maybe respect like most things kids need to learn is something that they need to also see.

They may not have respected that officer but he didn’t respect them either.