Black Like Me?


I like many have made a few jokes about Rachel Dolezal. However, at the end of the day, I am not at all mad at her. I just feel a little odd about it all.

I mean if she wants to work with the NAACP, teach about Africa, wear her hair a certain way, and get a tan then that’s fine… I just don’t see why she has to say she is black…

Why not just admit that you can be white and still do all that stuff too?

I watch the BBC but that don’t make me white, I like noodles but that doesn’t make me Asian… I mean It’s OK, especially in America to just be who you are and still be into stuff from other cultures. It’s also fine to support other people’s causes without changing into something else.

I support LGBT causes and I have no interest in becoming gay. I support women’s causes and don’t plan on wearing a dress. I just think that it is OK for Rachel to be a white woman and still live her life exactly the way she is living it.

I am not sure what type of issues she has with her parents or why she seems to want to reject being of European decent but its OK to support black causes and still be white. We take all the help we can get.