Love For Leslie J


I heard about the thing with Leslie Jones and the twitter haters and I was about to type out a long rant about race and gender issues, about trolling, bullying, and fame.

But then I realized what I really want to say is. I am sure Leslie has been criticized, ridiculed, and made fun of a great deal in her life. I am sure that her height and skin color has inspired all sorts of insults from both men and women, of all colors and walks of life.

However, for years she has put herself out there, she puts her face on television and in films and her talent and hard work has earned her the success that she now enjoys.

It is that very success that has made so many people aware of her existence and apparently has also inspired so many to act out and try to tear her down.

I am certain she will still be in films and on TV for years to come because she is amazing. That’s why she puts herself out there every day to entertain all of us. Because she is amazing and she knows it. And it’s not her problem if some folks are slower at figuring that out than others.