Are You Not Entertained?


I am often overwhelmed with the amount of money African Americans generate. Whether it is music, or sports, or just as consumers, black people equal money.

I suppose that is not by accident. Africans were brought to this country as property. They held great value, despite what they were made to believe. No matter how much black people are put down the fact that they are a valuable resource in the United States has never been in dispute.

This is what makes what is currently happening in Baltimore so interesting. Baltimore is no stranger to riots or property damage. There was a riot a few years ago after the Super Bowl. However, what has been going on lately is different, because it involves black people and suffering.

Anyone that watches films or television knows that black suffering is probably the most valuable contribution African Americans make to American Culture.

Selma, The Help, 12 Years A Slave, Precious, The Blind Side…

Drama and pain make for great entertainment all around, it is not just black people, there are examples of suffering from all lifestyles that have been bottled and sold for profit.

However, there just seems to be nothing like the constant injustice black people deal with.

People are watching Baltimore right now like its season 6 of The Wire.

The media will always exploit situations like these for ratings. They will always focus on the fire, the looting, and the anger. The message will get lost in all the drama and then everyone will move on to the next city where a police officer killed an unarmed person.

There is nothing wrong with documenting and sharing history or current events. Some folks might even learn something. However much of what I see going on with these riots seem to be for entertainment, not education.

As much as I am not a fan of property damage, buildings can be rebuilt. However all the people unjustly murdered by police officers are gone forever.

I think it is important that through all of this we remember that this is supposed to be about saving lives and preventing violence.

People often ask ‘Why do black people destroy property?’

Honestly, I don’t know for sure, I have never actually rioted so I can’t say anything from experience.

However, one could theorize that it is about getting attention when all other means have been exhausted. On the other hand, it could also be that it is about making people care. Black people may be worth a lot, but property is worth more and one could argue that the minute African American stopped being property; their lives mattered just a little bit less too many in this country.